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Notification of change to DNC Telemarketer Web Service

Telemarketers, Sellers, Service Providers and Exempt Organizations:

We have implemented a modification to the DNC Telemarketer Download Web Service. A new GetDNCFileByUrl() method is now available from the Web Service for the downloading of full list and change list files.

Currently, file URLs returned by the GetURLs() and GetDeltaFileURL() methods are directly accessible for downloading. Starting on 04/09/2021 direct access to the file URLs methods will no longer be available. To ensure there is no service interruption, recommend to modify your Web Service clients to utilize the new GetDNCFileByUrl() method for downloading of files by the file URLs.

Please refer to the Telemarketer Download Web Services document for details on how the new GetDNCFileByUrl() method is to be used. The document is available at https://telemarketing.donotcall.gov/TelemarketersDownloadWebservicesV1.4.doc.

Please be in contact with our Help Desk if you have any concerns.

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